Team Members
Kevin Correia, Mehul Malhotra
What is "Car Enthusiasm"?
As car enthusiasts ourselves, my teammate and I wanted to explore how the concept of automobile enthusiasts would evolve in the future. First, we needed to identify what comprises automotive "enthusiasm" today, and how vehicles form a part of people's lives outside of being a mode of transportation.
What are enthusiast vehicles like in the future?
The biggest automotive trend for the future is the rise of electric, autonomous vehicles. Through secondary research, team discussion with faculty, and speaking to other car enthusiasts, we identified that the enthusiast vehicles of the future will be specialized for different recreational activities or utility applications.
Who are the automotive enthusiasts of the future?
We identified three main types of automotive enthusiasts that we might see in the next few decades. Each of them experience autonomous electric vehicles differently based on their age, and thus their exposure to traditional enthusiast vehicles that we have today.
Going forwards, we focused on the Next Generation of enthusiast, as they provide an exciting opportunity to design a user experience that is new and unique.
The 2050 School Bus Experience
The next generation of automotive enthusiast will be able to have rich interactions with autonomous vehicles that enable more effective learning and socializing opportunities.
Blended Mobility
An autonomous transportation system for students will enable the classroom to learn on the move and in different locations. Blended Mobility is an educational concept that combines physical academic mobility, virtual mobility and blended learning.
User Journey
We created a user journey that would highlight different touchpoints of an autonomous school bus that enables blended mobility at scale. This helped us to define components of the school bus that enabled a desirable user experience.
Our research led us to adopt AR as a key collaboration tool in our school bus concept. We wanted to mix traditional tools like books and stationary with digitization to give students a more tactile and hands-on learning experience that wasn't based solely in the digital world.
Demonstration Video
We created a video in Adobe After Effects to showcase how we might use gestures and enchanted objects to interact with a space through AR in an educational setting.
The 3D model and renders were created by Mehul Malhotra, and I created the UI, gesture overlays, and final composition.

2050 School Bus Experience Concept

3D Model and Renders
The Stage is where students in the classroom interact with faculty or academic material. Outside of AR, two displays fold down to become a surface for working with physical material or enchanted objects.
Tactile surfaces inside the vehicle can become displays with unique form factors for displaying certain content.
Students still need to take a break from lectures, and younger students need to be accompanied by an adult. We provided spaces in the vehicle to accommodate for these requirements.
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