Growth of the food truck industry has slowed recently after years of growth. Competitors such as food delivery services prove to be the biggest competition, with users opting for the convenience of ordering through their mobile devices. This project aims to bring food trucks into peoples lives by making them easier to chance upon while commuting.
User Experience Overview
Future Trends
System Components
Food Truck User Journey
The service allows food trucks to book a location in advance to eliminate pain points associated with finding parking in cities like LA. The food truck owners and operators have access to foot traffic data that estimates how profitable a location might be before booking.
Patron User Journey
Integrating food trucks with transportation services grants people more access to street food. A partnership with LAMetro means that Tap can be used to reward users of public transit with deals at food trucks. This not only benefits the food truck  businesses, but also  increases the desirability of using public transit over cars, which is very much needed in dense cities like LA.
Key Enablers
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