The myAudi app has low customer review ratings owing to its clunky information architecture, and because it does not make frequently used features easily available to the user. The goal of this project was to revamp the app's information architecture to streamline navigation, while retaining the Audi brand look and feel.
Sketching & Ideation
The functionality of the myAudi app isn't unlocked until one enters details of their compatible Audi vehicle. Since I do not have a car that is compatible with the app, I studied it through YouTube videos. I also researched reviews of the app to understand what functionality should be most accessible to the user.
I then sketched out the information architecture of the myAudi app - first to highlight problems with the current design, and then to map out my own app. I also sketched the app pages which were validated with colleagues and faculty before being prototyped digitally in ProtoPie.
Style Guide
While the information architecture of the app was changed, the app uses branded assets and interactions as a base for the style guide. The final prototype looks and feels unmistakably Audi.
App Prototype
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