Team members
Kevin Correia, Mehul Malhotra, Yash Srivastava, Bo Sung Yoon
Conducted interviews with each member in the team, and represented common likes and dislikes of existing food delivery services with a user persona.
We also identified an opportunity to solve an issue that we all had when ordering take-out: not being able to decide what to get!
We explored different ways of finding restaurants and cuisines. We then created a site map with the exploration pages in addition to standard features expected of food delivery apps.
Two ways of exploring were taken to the prototyping stage: a globe exploration feature, and a spinning wheel feature which enabled the user to randomize a cuisine.
Style Guide
A team member created a mood board from which the app's style guide was created.
Initial app prototype with wireframes was created in InVision Studio, followed by higher fidelity prototyping in Adobe XD.
Final Design and Validation
Presented the design prototype to users on the AdobeXD mobile app.

The spinning wheel explore feature allows indecisive users to search by a random cuisine.

Standard search features are available to users who know what to order, and want easy access.

User Validation
My Key Contributions
• Designed the spin-wheel exploration feature.
• Designed the Filter and Search app pages and interactions.
• Navigation bar assets.
• App color palette.
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