Team Members
Kevin Correia, Mehul Malhotra, Sung Wha Kang
The 2021 Art Center College of Design Game Jam kicked off with the theme "Better Together", and each team had about 48 hours to submit a game.
The Game
Our interpretation of the topic in "Always Together" describes a boy's relationship with their lost friend. 
My main contributions to the team were the creation of 3D assets (the obstacle course and some environment design) and some of the interactions in Unity as well as winning and death screen animations in After Effects, soundtrack selection, and final trailer composition.

Always Together takes the player on a journey through a cold, dark world where they have to navigate obstacles and a maze. As they progress, the character's story is narrated through subtitles.

We spent almost the entire first 24 hours drawing inspiration and ideating. As each member was in different time zones, collaboration was certainly a challenge.

You can find more information about the 2021 ACCD game jam, as well as view and play all of the submissions on
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